Mazatlan sanctions seven businesses for not respecting guidelines to the new normality


Some for not respecting the established schedule and others for increasing the furniture agreed in the prevention protocols to Covid-19

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- The Mazatlán City Council, through Operative Networks, sanctioned seven nightlife establishments this weekend, some for not respecting the hours and others for increasing the furniture of the premises, as reported, Karina Torres Ruelas.

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“They are specifically La Consentida, La Cerveceria Alegre, La Querencia, among others, and the latter, which for the second time has already been sanctioned, the mayor’s line is very strict and says that if they do not comply, they will be sanctioned. to comply, is the issue of the new normal and we must adhere to the guidelines issued by the Government, “he added.

21 09 20 Business closes

Regarding the influx of tourism, he commented that in the last three weekends there have been around 40 thousand visitors, so there was a decrease compared to the summer holidays, where there were up to 150 thousand tourists.

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Torres Ruelas commented that this past weekend there was an influx of 43 thousand visitors in the tourist strip, of which 22 thousand were observed in the beach area and the rest in the malecón area.

21 09 20 Business closes


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