Drug and alcohol consumption decreases in Sinaloa


Commissioner Cristian Aldo Núñez highlights that this occurred during the months of greatest confinement

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- Drug and alcohol consumption fell in Mazatlán, by 30 percent during the months of greatest confinement by Covid-19, said Cristian Aldo Núñez Madrid, head of the State Commission for Prevention, Treatment and Against Addictions.

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He added that this could be detected by lowering the admissions to the rehabilitation centers. The commissioner, together with the state undersecretary of Health, Víctor Hugo Sánchez Malof, inaugurated the Third State Congress of Unemes (Medical Specialty Units) CAPA (Primary Care Centers in Addictions). 


In the state, there are 156 rehabilitation centers, and these, 52 are in Mazatlán. There they serve 7,200 people of all ages. 

The commissioner and also coordinator of the Covid-19 Call Center in the state stressed that so far no outbreak of infections has been registered in rehabilitation centers. On March 19, the centers were closed and no entry or exit was allowed.

In June they were reopened, but all care has been taken to avoid losses due to the virus.

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This conference, called Prevention is a lifestyle, has as a priority to insist on guidance on how to take care of the pandemic and take care of patients who come for care. The congress is aimed at all staff, which includes psychologists, nurses, and social workers who receive people with addiction and who require help.

As part of the inauguration, the director of the municipality’s Health Service, Alfonso Sandoval Sánchez, representing Mayor Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres, welcomed the attendees.

He spoke of the threat posed by legal and illegal drugs, hence the importance that the personnel of the units are updated.

CONADIC ar Twitter: “El convenio #CONADIC-@AAMexico incluye la creación de  grupos AA en los 338 centros de atención primaria en adicciones  http://t.co/OTfAdQNRaY”

At the event, recognitions were given to the Uneme CAPA for their work organization. Also, for the community work they do to stop the additions.

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