San Felipe ready for the BAJA 500


Baja California.- From September 22 to 27, the “San Felipe 500” off-road race will take place in the port of San Felipe, in which runners from all over the world participate.

The Municipal President of Mexicali, Marina del Pilar Ávila, reported that everything is ready for the race, for which the health protocols that must be followed were established.

There will be sanitary filters in the port, to ensure that visitors are complying with the recommended measures.

Marina del Pilar revealed that it is scheduled to install screens in the malecón area so that visitors can enjoy the race, where there will be a sanitary filter to enter and will respect the healthy distance.

Mayor Cachanilla confirmed that the port of San Felipe is already open to all tourism, but that does not mean that parties or crowds are already allowed to take place.

Finally, he said that the realization of this race of international stature will serve to reactivate the economy of the port, which has been closed to tourism for more than 6 months.

Score International prepared an event of international stature in San Felipe, by choosing a very challenging route that will pass through the Laguna Salada de Mexicali

The first date of the 2020 Score International World Championship, the Baja 500, will be lived under the “New normal” due to Covid-19, an off-road event that will start and end on Saturday, September 26 at the El Dorado ranch of San Felipe.

The body headed by Abelardo Grijalva indicated in a press release that this property will be the
starting and finishing point of the 500 miles, as well as the technical inspection, events that will not be open to the public due to the health contingency caused by the Covid- 19.

The route will be 493 miles and will pass through areas such as the Laguna Salada de Mexicali, as well as streams such as Huatamote and Chanate in the San Felipe delegation area, with which a contingent of 150 teams from the United States is expected. Canada and Mexico.

It will be the first date of the 2020 Score International World Championship, after changing the date and venue of the event several times, which for the first time since 1989 will not be held in Ensenada, curiously in that year the 500 miles were also carried out in San Felipe.

It was also announced that there will be no mechanical revision as the fans are used to in a Baja, it will be a technical inspection without public due to the delicate health situation that exists on Mexican soil. It is also striking that there will be no awards ceremony and the trophies will be sent by the organizers to the winners’ homes.

The starting ag will be on Saturday, September 26 at 3 in the morning for motorcycles and at 7 in the morning for vehicles, trying to avoid the high temperatures of those dates in San Felipe and Mexicali.


The president of Score International, Abelardo Grijalva, from Ensenada, announced that the route of the 52 edition of the Baja 500 will consist of 493 miles, an off-road event that will take place from September 22 to 27 in San Felipe.

The journey that will start and end at Rancho El Dorado will consist of 3 checkpoints, 1 will be located at mile 155.63 miles in Laguna Salada, 2 will be at mile 278.11 in Laguna Amarga and the last one in 459.11 at the height of Percebu.

All competitors will have a time limit to cross the finish line of 20 hours, both in motorcycle and vehicle categories. The Sportsman, 7SX, 9, and 11 categories will have a route cut, so they will only travel 433.34 miles.


The Monkey Business team will have the 52nd edition of the Baja 500 in San Felipe with the presence of Mexican driver Jorge Sampietro, who will join forces with Santiago Creel in the Trophy Truck Spec class.

Creel and Sampietro will be sharing the wheel of the first’s Truck along the 493-mile route, an alliance that may surprise the following week on the first date of the Score International 2020 World Championship.

For this occasion, the Castelán brothers, Cristian and Miguel, will be the co-drivers of Creel and Sampietro respectively, a team that is in search of its first success in the Trophy Trucks Specs.

CADENA DEPORTES PODCAST: La Baja500 se muda a San Felipe en su siguiente  edición


Ensenada Gerardo Novelo reported that he will not be able to participate in the 52nd edition of the Baja 500, since his schedule as Senator of the Republic will prevent him from being in San Felipe the following week.

Novelo already appeared in the official records of Score International for the 500 miles, a race he won last year in the 7SX Class together with José Luis “Vaquero” Castro from Ensenada.

It would be until the Baja 1000 next November, that Novelo and the Estero Beach Racing team are making their debut in the 2020 Score International World Championship, an absence that adds to a list that is beginning to become extensive due to various factors, especially the health contingency by Covid-19.


Bryce Menzies decided this week not to participate in the 52 edition of the Baja 500 without yet clarifying the reasons for this situation, by unsubscribing from the list of registered in the Score Trophy Trucks.

The “Golden Boy” will not travel to San Felipe from September 22-27 to run the 500 miles, which will wait until November for the 53rd birthday of the Baja 1000 in Ensenada.

This absence joins that of other very important pilots in the “Desert Monsters” for the first date of the Score International 2020 World Championship, including Apdaly López, Zak Langley, Cameron Steele, Jesse Jones, and Kevin Thompson, several of They have expressed that they do not come to the 500 before the delicate health situation due to Covid-19, both in Mexico and in the United States.

San Felipe 250 y Baja 500 pospuestos debido al virus Corona - UTV Action  Magazine

Information source: Dominic Clark, official spokesperson for Score International.

129 Registered for the race

Tuesday, September 22

Inspection of tubing

San Felipe, Baja California

09:00 Hours-16: 00 Hours

Media record

Rancho El Dorado

15:00 Hours-18: 00 Hours

Pilot registration for qualication

Rancho El Dorado

15:00 Hours-20: 00 Hours

Wednesday September 23



runway 07:00 Hours

Revision of pipes

Rancho El Dorado

10:00 Hours-18: 00 Hours

Media registration

Rancho El Dorado

12:00 Hours-19: 00 Hours

Thursday, September 24 Rancho El Dorado

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Pilot Registration 08:00 Hours-17: 00 Hours Media Registration Rancho El Dorado 09:00 Hours-17: 00 Hours Mechanical inspection Rancho El Dorado 09:00 Hours-18: 00 Hours Friday, September 25 Pilot Registration Rancho El Dorado 08:00 Hours-16: 00 Hours Media Registration Rancho El Dorado 09:00 Hours-17: 00 Hours Mechanical inspection Rancho El Dorado 09:00 Hours-18: 00 Hours Saturday, September 26 Start of the first motorcycle


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