Playa Ceuta Sinaloa received the Sustainable Clean Beach Certification


The secretary of Sedesu invited all citizens to conserve coastal ecosystems

Elota, Sinaloa.- Playa Ceuta received the Sustainable Clean Beach certification in the Priority Use mode for conservation, after complying with the requirements and specifications established by Semarnat’s standard 120 for the quality of beaches in a section of 529 meters and sustainability.

Recibe Ceuta, Elota certificado de Playa Limpia Sustentable- Mazatlán  Interactivo

Carlos Gandarilla García, Secretary of Sustainable Development, and Mayor Geovani Escobar Manjarrez raised the flag that will distinguish Ceuta as a quality space, which also conserves with a sea turtle sanctuary and that annually receives more than 10,000 visits that are liked by live the experience of releasing and enjoying knowing more about these species.

The head of Sedesu commented that Ceuta is the third beach in Sinaloa certified for priority use for conservation, which together with El Verde Camacho, in Mazatlán and Las Labradas, in San Ignacio, emphasize for their effort to keep the Sinaloan coast in good condition.

Carlos Gandarilla, made a call to all citizens to be agents of change and responsible visitors that help to keep the beach free of garbage and join so that there are more beaches in the municipality with the certification.

For his part, Rodrigo Bustamante, Operational Director of the Mexican Institute for Certification and Standardization, recognized Sinaloa for its initiative to obtain more certificates with a unique standard in the world that endorses the protection of the environment and the quality of water.

Escobar Manjarrez, the municipal president pointed out that he is proud that Elota for the first time in its history has a certification that motivates it to continue working to take care of natural resources.

To conclude the activity, a clean-up was carried out in the entire Ceuta beach area with the participation of volunteers and officials from the Ecology area of the City Council 



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