Puerto Vallarta’s “Charro Day” without a celebration or parade


September 14 is Charro Day, but this time due to the pandemic there was not the usual parade through the center and boardwalk of Puerto Vallarta which ended in a great meal, reported Ramón Mauricio Ibarría Nolasco, delegate on the North Coast of Puerto Vallarta Jalisco of the Mexican Federation of Charrería.

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This is the second time that the National Sports Day is not celebrated in the municipality, he recalled that in 2004 they were suspended due to a strong tropical storm, with a gust of winds, now due to the coronavirus.

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They attended Guadalajara the day before, to a symbolic act for the centenary of the Charros of Jalisco, the organization was by the Union of Associations in the state, presided over by Salvador Barajas del Toro. 


“Normally we participate in the civic parade, through the city of Puerto Vallarta to the delegation of El Pitillal, later we meet to celebrate with a meal, holy mass and a conviviality, the rainy weather does not give us a joke of charreadas,” he said.

However, he thanked the happiness and honor of being a charro, a national symbol, of being that part of the past that returns every time he puts on a pair of boots, puts on his hat, buttons his chaps, ties a pial or throws a tail.

When asked, is it an expensive sport? He replied:

“Something, but not much the truth, is according to the situation of each one participates, to gradually climb”.

He explained that it is a broad sport that encompasses culture and tradition, every day with more prepared generations in their forts; Horse cove, piales on the canvas, coleadero, bull and mare riding, shortlist in the ring, manganas on foot or on horseback and the step of death. 

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The charrería dates from the colonial era, it was recognized by UNESCO as a Cultural Heritage of Humanity. 

In Puerto Vallarta there is a great tradition, even Mauricio descends from national champions of the most Mexican sport and already instills his practice in his children, as he said it is a pride and a pleasure.

In the municipality there are five associations and a charro skirmish: Hacienda Serena, Charros de Puerto Vallarta, La Herradura de El Pitillal, Par de Ases and Carnicería Ibarría.

There are approximately 90 registered charros, but in the parades, they are joined by other people who like to ride, so that up to 170 riders can be seen in the colorful columns. 

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Being a charro is more than a fashion or a day, it is not a costume or an artist suit, it is the presence of a glorious past, it is a great responsibility and a lifestyle, because it is not enough to know how to ride or perform a Charro must have a word, honesty, love for the land and the horse.

In this atypical commemoration, he wore the charro suit only for our camera, and he longed for coexistence with his companions: 

“One misses the camaraderie, the parade, the people who come out to see us parade, even foreign tourists came to see this celebration, because we are the only port in Mexico that has charrería,” he pondered.

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