Amazing! A 100% Mazatlan spider is discovered as a new species


GB Edwards baptized this new species with the name of Phidippus pacosauritus, in honor of the owners of the ecological reserve

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- The entomologist and arachnologist scientific community of Mazatlán have discovered a new species of jumping spider just inside the Paco’s Flora and Fauna ecological reserve, in the port.

In an interview with Reacción Informativa, the renowned biologist, Diego Barrales, told how this discovery was made, which has been followed since mid-2019.

“We have constantly monitored the area for more than five years, which means that every day we go out to take photos of the place to upload them to the naturalist platform,” he explained.

“We photographed this jumping spider, we put it on the naturalistic platform and there were people in the United States, who work specifically with these spiders who said ‘hey, moment, we don’t know that species, it is probably a new species’. So the first Let’s say the discovery, so to speak, of the new species was through a naturalist “, commented the arachnologist.

After this species caught the attention of the scientific community, the photographer Collin Huton got in touch with the institutions dedicated to the protection of Mexican flora and fauna, who authorized him to sample the species for proper research.

“We received the photographer Collin Huton, he visited us, we were working on him, we were collecting and working with those animals in the reserve, he found it, he was able to photograph it and later specimens were sent to the United States so that specialists there could review it. and could describe this species, “he mentioned.

He explained that the person who described this species was GB Edwards, who baptized this new species with the name of Phidippus pacosauritus, in honor of the owners of the ecological reserve; Francisco Farriols Sarabia and Francisco Farriols Estrada.

“Once that work was had, the author who was GB Edwards named it … And in this case, he chose to put it Phidippus pacosauritus and this name is made up of two words, the word pacos and the word auriticus and basically what the name says it is “the Pacos long-eared spider”; the author dedicated the species to the owners of the reserve and put one of the characteristics that the spider has, which are like large ears, “he said.

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