Sinaloa is the fourth state in Mexico with the highest prevalence of cervical cancer


Culiacán, Sinaloa. – “Cervical cancer and Covid-19 do not get along … they are my death sentence, but I know that with the will of God I will defeat them both,” says Ema Gisela distraught.

Emmy, as she likes to be called, is a 45-year-old woman, a widow, with three children, one in high school and two in secondary school”.

She regrets that, due to apathy, the cancer is now very advanced, it was detected in early March, but she assures that the doctors give her great hope.

Sinaloa is the fourth state in Mexico with the highest prevalence of cervical cancer and the state ranks second in frequency of death in women, despite the fact that it is detectable before it appears and therefore one hundred percent preventable.

However, Emmy never had a Pap test.

Dr. Juan Carlos Navarro Guerrero, Deputy Director of Disease Prevention and Control of the Ministry of Health reported that it is the second cause of death from malignant neoplasms in women over 25 years of age in Sinaloa.

The head of the Women’s Cancer program, Ana Isabel Acosta Mendoza, explains that the best form of prevention is by carrying out a Pap smear study since it can detect early a pre-malignant, pre-cancerous lesion, which can be treated early before of becoming an in situ or invasive cancer.

Emmy started experiencing pelvic pain last December, then vaginal bleeding.

The worries began, his family asked him to seek other opinions and in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic they began the pilgrimages, he went to see other doctors, finally he arrived at the IMSS, there, they told him that they were not consulting.

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Emmy was widowed five years ago, her husband left her the house where they live and life insurance. The house was divided to rent a part and be able to get ahead with the support of her children, she also works in a department store, the life insurance was intended to be able to give her children a profession.

They immediately began with the treatment of Covid-19, her in-laws and her children decided to admit her to a private clinic, the life insurance savings were running out as well as her health.

The lady reports that the cancerous tissue will soon be removed through an operation and that later she will undergo a series of chemotherapies to eliminate the tumor.

Source: OEM

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