Veracruz relies on tourism to reactivate the state’s economy


Veracruz launches tourist vouchers for travelers to enjoy its natural beauties after the Covid-19 contingency.

Hotels, restaurants, tourist guides, tour agencies, and other service providers are participating in this strategy.

The Ministry of Tourism of Veracruz launched a program of tourist vouchers that will allow tourists to acquire at a preferential price different services that can be enjoyed once the health contingency due to Covid-19 passes.


  • Hosting services
  • Food and drinks
  • Certified tourist guides (under NOM-08-TUR-2002 and NOM-09-TUR-2002)
  • Travel agencies
  • Tour Operators

On the Veracruz Bonds page, all companies that want to participate can still register, while tourists who are interested should first review the offers and contact the service provider directly through the website.


The Mazatlan Post