Another femicide, this time in Sonora


Rosalía Yazmín received nine bullets at point-blank range outside her home: authorities investigate femicide in Sonora.

The 24-year-old had already been the victim of an assault in which a man beat and suffocated her a couple of months ago.

Despite the fact that during his second government report, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, presumed a 30% decrease in femicides in Mexican territory , they continue to occur and one of the most recent known cases occurred on August 31 in Empalme, Sonora , where a 24-year-old girl was killed with at least nine shots from a firearm outside her home .

According to preliminary police reports, Rosalía Yazmín was setting up a taco stand in the Bahía del Sol neighborhood , just outside her home, when a couple of subjects shot her in the head and chest and subsequently fled the scene .

The death of Rosalía Yazmín, reported the Attorney General of the State of Sonora, will be investigated as a femicide . It should be noted that the young woman who was studying the Administration career at the Technological Institute of Sonora , reported on August 16 on her social networks that a subject had beaten her while stealing her belongings on September 16 Boulevard .

“He picked me up and took me to the train tracks where he hit me, kicked me and suffocated me . Thank God that he gave me the strength to run away and to stay alive . The man fled with my blouse and my garter in hand. Unfortunately, he was so well covered that I couldn’t see his face, “he said on his Facebook profile, where he also explained that the subject had asked for his help, as his motorcycle was broken .President López Obrador presumed the decrease in cases of femicides during his second government report, but these continue to happen.  (Photo: Carlos Jasso / Reuters)President López Obrador presumed the decrease in cases of femicides during his second government report, but these continue to happen. (Photo: Carlos Jasso / Reuters)

Rosalía had reported that she did not dare to tell what she experienced, due to the revictimization that she has seen in other cases of women who are violated and insulted. “It makes me so unfair about how they can take away your peace of mind and feel unsafe on the street . I have a terrible memory that until today I can not forget, “he denounced.

After the news was released, the educational institution where she was studying published a message of support for the family: “We regret the loss of our student Rosalía Yazmín, we join in the grief that the family suffers . 

Inhabitants of the Empalme community have called for a demonstration that will take place next Saturday, September 5 at 6:00 p.m., in order to demand that the authorities get to the bottom of the investigations and do justice for the murder point blank from the young woman .(Photo: Gustavo Graf / Reuters)(Photo: Gustavo Graf / Reuters)

According to data from the Executive Secretariat of the National Public Security System (SESNSP), so far this year, 549 femicides have occurred throughout the country . In addition, so far this year 12 investigation files have been opened for this crime in the northern state of Mexico .

However, the official figures are far from other independent reports. According to the National Map of Femicides in Mexico , prepared by the geophysicist María Salguero, only between March 16 and April 30 , a period in which the social distancing measures had already been installed due to the COVID-pandemic. 19, 405 femicides were reported throughout the country .

On this aspect, President López Obrador spoke during his second government report, where he mentioned that, on average, kidnappings, femicides , robberies of passers-by, transporters, vehicle theft, robbery in collective public transport have decreased by 30% and individual, theft from businesses and houses. “Only two crimes have increased: intentional homicide and extortion by 9.9 and 12.7%, respectively.”

This earned him criticisms such as that of the writer Alma Delia Murillo , who with irony published: “I think that with Andrés Manuel the creation of a new literary genre is crystallized: magical presidentialism . ” She also referred to a phrase said by the president: “Mexico has never been better. Yes, they are all the same, self-indulgent egomaniacs, mythomaniacs and authoritarians ”.