RZRs, Jeeps, and motorcycles are banned from Rosario beaches


Motorized vehicles were causing excesses throughout the area

Rosario, Sinaloa.- The authorities of the Municipal Directorate of Public Safety and Traffic announced the prohibition of these vehicles to the beaches, under warning to stop and fine their drivers

This, due to the multiple excesses caused by the beach areas of the municipality of Rosario, where the main complaints are that they put bathers and entire families who enjoy the beaches at risk, as well as noise, scandal, and complaints from restaurateurs and diners.

The director of Public Security, Commander Abdón Caravantes, confirmed that due to the series of increasingly frequent complaints against drivers of this type of vehicle, who meet in groups to carry out their maneuvers in these areas, this decision was made, for nor will massive events involving this type of vehicle be allowed, given the risk of crowds and the absence of health protocols.

“Based on these complaints, we will have strictly restricted the entry of motorcycles, cars, racers, all types of vehicles per beach area and more x bathers. Whoever does not abide by this provision, whether due to an infraction or lack of good governance, will be referred to the separations and disposition of the railing court, ”said the Commander.

The most common complaint is that citizens who go to the beach with their families and infants, who usually spend time on the sand, have been put at risk, which is why public security elements energetically acted against drivers.

Regarding massive events where the use of these vehicles is also involved, the position of the Public Safety Directorate is that given the current contingency these acts cannot be carried out, and in any case, who grants the permits to allow these events, is the City Council.

This is due to the fact that in these events where alcoholic beverages are also ingested, it is extremely difficult to comply with health and safe distance protocols.

Source: reaccioninformativa.com

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