Il Caffé Italiano tradition and great food in the heart of downtown Mérida


Nestled in the pedestrian walkway alongside the Peon Contreras theater is one of Merida’s longest-running Italian restaurants.

Since 2005, Il Caffe Italiano has catered not only to the music-lovers attending the symphonies at the theater next door but also to the orchestra itself, whose members often patronize the restaurant after their performances on Friday evenings and Sunday afternoons.

Il Caffé is located right next to Mérida’s Peón Contreras Theater

Unfortunately for both music lovers and restaurant patrons however, these activities have been curtailed by the pandemic currently ravaging the world. 

And while the Symphony is between seasons (the new season begins January 2021), Il Caffe is still in business, though limiting its gourmet dishes to home delivery on Mondays and Thursdays.

We love the variety of pizzas, especially the Marina, with shrimp, onions, and zucchini, and the Mediterranean, with black olives and goat cheese. 

The pasta dishes include Penne Vodka, with shrimp in a spicy (but not overbearing) vodka-infused sauce, and the classic Pasta al Pesto. 

The salads include the Caprese with mozzarella and fresh tomato slices, and the Mediterranean, with fresh greens, black olives, and goat cheese.

To see Il Caffe’s full menu, visit their Facebook page at @IlCaffeItalianoMerida.  Here is a sample: 

Inline image

Please continue supporting your favorite Italian restaurant during these times of social distancing:
Order food for delivery: For a small extra charge (20% of the total), Il Caffe will prepare any dishes from their regular menu and deliver them straight to your home (minimum order $300 pesos).

Please call 999 990 0858 or 999 154 5894 for more information or to order. Il Caffé Italiano delivers to the surroundings 4 kilometers.

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