Mexican Food Experience: discover the national gastronomy without leaving home


Learn to cook traditional Mexican dishes from the hand of a chef, without leaving home, alone or as a family and with seasonal ingredients

The experience begins when you enter the Mexican Experiences website; There you can choose between virtual cooking classes, in Spanish or English, for yourself, your family, or a group of friends. 

“Our menus are as diverse as Mexican cuisine and vary according to the season of the year,” reads the description on the page. “The class is designed for you to be the artist, while a chef shares his tips.” 

virtual cooking classes

We were able to verify this during a class in which we learned how to prepare chiles filled with huitlacoche and grasshoppers, ingredients of the rainy months. First, the chef introduced himself and, at the rhythm of the participants, prepared the dish. During the dynamic, the expert answers questions and shares cooking tips, so you never feel lost. 

The workshops have an average duration of three hours and can be held any day of the week, between 11:30 and 17:00. The Premium Class includes making cocktails with Mexican distillates

A mezcal tasting and taco tasting is also available. 

virtual cooking classes

“Although at this time we cannot be together due to global health recommendations, through Mexican Food Experiences we want to connect remotely with people from different latitudes who are interested in our culinary cultural wealth” 

Mexican Food Experiences, a company led by women, was born in 2012 under the name of Mexican Food Tours, as a tour guide option to get to know emblematic neighborhoods of CDMX, among them the Historic Center, San Ángel and Polanco. 

However, recently the proposal was modified to adapt to the digital ecosystem in which we develop in the face of confinement by coronavirus; Now, it allows nationals and foreigners to discover the national gastronomy without leaving home at the hands of traditional chefs and cooks.



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