Tourist from Torreon are removed from a Mazatlan beach for littering


Lifeguard elements have rescued around 20 people from drowning

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- Aquatic elements removed some bathers from Torreón Coahuila from the beach because they were leaving a lot of garbage in the place.

Commander Magallanes, from the water rescue, reported that this family was at the height of the hotel zone and that when the lifeguards arrived, they observed that around the tourists there had been thrown from plastic to disposable diapers, for which they were asked to leave the place.

The commander also announced that the Beach Operator is in charge of cleaning the beaches and is daily sweeping where people leave garbage.

He stressed that they are educating people, so that they do not leave the beach dirty, for this reason, they are not allowing people to enter the bathing area with glass containers.

Other jobs they are doing are rescuing people who go into the sea and can no longer leave, so since the beaches were reopened to bathers they have rescued around 20 people, including tourists and locals.


The Mazatlan Post