Hotels in Puerto Vallarta will open at 50% next week


Starting next week, Puerto Vallarta hotels could operate at 50 percent of their capacity, which will open the possibility of a strong increase in jobs and a significant hotel spill.

A previous agreement, reached by the Jalisco hotel industry and particularly that of Puerto Vallarta, Enrique Alfaro would have agreed that the hotels expand their offer to double the current one, that is, to go from 25 to 50 percent of capacity.

The nightlife of the city has been awakening first with the opening of bars and restaurants and the opening of clubs and discotheques is expected in the coming days, but the essential thing is the hotel offer so far limited to the opening of 25% of the installed capacity.

Vallarta hotels

Questioned in this regard, several hoteliers did not deny or confirm the species, in that same sense, the director of beach tourism at Secturjal commented that they are in talks with the hotel industry but the opening of 50% of the hotel rooms is not yet official.

In Puerto Vallarta, there are 199 hotels registered with about 25 thousand rooms. Only 66 lodging centers are open. Of these, the offer is reduced to 25% of rooms available to the public.


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