Out of 98 companies affiliated to CMIC, only 9 remain open in Sinaloa


In Culiacán, the leader of the Mexican Chamber of the Construction Industry, José Ángel Carrillo Duarte, announced that there is slow progress in public works, while private works do not flow, given the economic crisis that is being experienced by the pandemic.

In that sense, he acknowledged that the construction companies do not have the financial solvency to hire new personnel and in the case of family businesses, they have only kept essential employees, which aggravates the crisis.

Leader of the Mexican Chamber of the Construction Industry, José Ángel Carrillo Duarte

“The recovery of jobs in the construction issue has slowed down, it has become difficult, but the situation is progressing there, we hope little by little it will normalize,” he explained.

The leader stressed that the agreement that was made between the union members is to keep their collaborators in the highest possible capacity during the contingency.

There were 98 construction companies affiliated with the Cmic Sinaloa southern zone. Today there are only 9 companies that remain active in the southern area of ​​Sinaloa (CMIC).

Between 50 and 120 workers have a construction company when it carries out a work, depending on the size of it.

“When it comes to public works, governments are lethargic and if the sector is not activated, more companies will disappear”, said the President of the National Chamber of the Construction Industry southern delegation.

Source: OEM

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