Foreigners being detained in Cancun who can’t prove their legal stay; Crackdown may go national


INM authorities retain foreigners at immigration filters in Cancun

The National Migration Institute (INM) restarted its verification operations, in which, through random reviews, foreigners must verify their legal stay in the country. The most recent one, held on Saturday, August 8th in Cancun, left at least six visitors detained.

These operations were suspended during the pandemic, but are being resumed, hand in hand with the National Guard, which accompanies the institute’s staff at established points, where they randomly request legal documentation to tourists or foreign residents.

According to the federal government, thee actions are based on the Migration Law, article 97 which states that “in addition to the places destined for the international transit of people established, the Institute may carry out migratory reviews within the national territory to effect of checking the immigration status of foreigners ”.

In the case of Cancun, the operation was carried out at the intersection of avenues Yaxchilán and Uxmal, an area known for having a population of foreigners, mostly Cubans. Members of the National Guard, together with immigration agents, stopped passers-by, and vehicles to verify their documentation.

The security forces request documentation that must be up to date, and if it turns out that the person does not have identification that proves their legal stay, they are retained and transferred to the institute’s offices, to verify their immigration status. In case it turns out that a person does not have any identification documentation, a deportation process starts.

Filters installed at random points constantly in Cancun, and on Saturday, at least six foreigners were identified who did not have their papers in order.

Sometimes these operations are carried out due to complaints made by the population about areas with a high rate of foreigners who are living, as is the case of the town of Uxmal, in the state of Yucatan.

For a foreigner to be deported, it has to be proved that he/she entered the country without the required documentation or through an unauthorized point along the border, not for the international transit of people.


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