Interesting facts about Mexican couples sleeping positions


In Mexico, as in every other country around the globe, couples adopt different and creative sleeping positions.

Leading world psychoanalysts argue that we can learn a lot about relationships by the position in which the spouses prefer to sleep. And the whole point is that during a night’s rest, consciousness turns off, and the subconscious mind begins to work actively. Then the person opens up to internal disagreements, problems, and hidden emotions.

It turns out that body language during sleep can eloquently tell such secrets that no one even suspects about. Scientists have been studying these phenomena for many years, and they have been able to decipher the most popular positions for sleeping together. 

1. Hugging

Couples who sleep face to face and twist their arms and legs are considered the happiest. This position speaks of true feelings, affection, and caring. Also, such a position describes people as jealous. Those partners who choose this position are completely absorbed in each other. By the way, you can meet women on and check whether it is really so.

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2. Dominant hugging

It is often observed in couples where one of the partners seeks to dominate in a relationship. Moreover, dominance doesn’t cause dissatisfaction with the second partner. Most likely, there is a strong love, affection, and passion between the spouses. 

3. Spoons

People sleeping in this position are like two spoons lying in a drawer in the kitchen. Therefore, the position for sleep has such a name. Newlyweds, newly formed couples, as well as mature people often sleep like that. In this position, the partners sleep on their sides. A man lies behind a woman and hugs her. Moreover, one hand is located under the woman’s neck, and the other is on her chest, arms, or stomach. In such a couple, love is sincere. A man sleeping behind a woman appreciates her and is not ready to let her go. A man who prefers “spoons” is usually very jealous and afraid to lose his loved one.

4. Strong shoulder

During sleep, a man is on his back, and a woman, being in the arms of her loved one, leans her chest on his arm. This position of sleep is characteristic of couples who constantly care and treat each other with tenderness.

5. Chanel

If partners or spouses have their backs turned to each other in a dream but their bodies are touching in the area of ​​the hips, then this position is called “Chanel.” Such a position serves to protect against the rest of the world and testifies to the great spiritual unity of two people.

6. Holding hands

Some people sleep holding hands and lying on their backs. In a dream, such couples need to feel the presence of a spouse nearby. This position is common for women and is used to sleep with their husbands with whom they are in full understanding.

7. Compromise

If a woman sleeps on the very edge of her part of the bed, turning away from a man, then a conflict clearly occurred between them. And she is not yet ready to make up and compromise. The man, on the contrary, is turned to his wife and gently touches her shoulder. He shows his willingness to wait for the loved one to forgive him, and, at any moment, he will take her into his embrace.

8. Sharing the bed equally

When partners share a bed equally, it means that they love each other and live together for a long time. But it is worth paying attention to the position of the body – those who sleep on their backs don’t need their partners badly, and those who sleep on their stomachs may be closed in themselves.

9. On the back

People sleeping on their backs without touching each other don’t have great feelings anymore. Love and passion have long passed; they have been replaced by cooling and distrust. Such marriages are not happy and not durable.

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