Guadalajara cancels October Festivities and Independence celebrations


“We are not going to commit an act of irresponsibility,” said Governor Enrique Alfaro.

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As expected, events such as the cry for independence and the October Fiestas of this year are canceled, due to the health contingency due to covid-19, as reported by the state governor, Enrique Alfaro.

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“In Jalisco, we are going to act responsibly and we are going to make a full announcement regarding this issue, regarding the government reports that are also on those dates, regarding important festivities such as the October Festivities. I can anticipate that here we are not going to commit an act of irresponsibility. Obviously there is not going to be anything that exposes people to a higher level of risk, nothing, no screaming, no reports, no parties, nothing, “said the president.

The October Festivities have been held since 1965 in Guadalajara and since 1984 at the Benito Juárez Auditorium in Zapopan; so far in their history, they have never faced an event of the magnitude of the pandemic, so the merchants who take part in this holiday say they are worried, although they were already waiting for the news. The economic blow will be strong, because during this month its sales tripled.

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“When the October festivities are over, sales will lift us too much and it will affect us a little in this case, we already saw it coming, the truth, because of the pandemic , but right now they are saying that it is going to be canceled, it is like a very hard blow to our business, “said Nicolás López.

—How much do sales increase in October?

“Approximately 300%, 350% more.”

The details of this cancellation have not been released so far , but it is expected that they will be revealed next Thursday by the Governor himself.

What are the October Festivities in Guadalajara, Jalisco?

Concerts and attractions for the whole family in Zapopan

The October Festivities in Guadalajara, Jalisco, have options for different ages.  For example, for those who like strong emotions, it is recommended to visit the Mansion of Terror, which was redesigned and relocated to shake its visitors.

The October Festivities is a cultural and recreational festival held in the state of Jalisco with its main venue in the capital Guadalajara . They start on the first Friday in October until the first Monday in November; It takes place in the Benito Juárez Auditorium, in different locations in the city and in different regions of the state of Jalisco. These festivities were born in 1965 and are considered one of the most traditional cultural expressions in the state.

Fiestas de Octubre se quedarán dos años más en auditorio Benito Juárez

Throughout the month different artistic expressions are presented such as concerts by national and internationally renowned artists, dance shows, film days, painting exhibitions, ballet, workshops, and the traditional palenque, where in addition to the concerts you can see the fights of roosters. Mechanical games, Mexican snacks, exhibitions, and sales of artisanal and industrial products, Livestock Expo, and sports activities are other things that can be found in these traditional festivals that seek to encourage culture and tourism in Guadalajara. The event begins with the traditional parade of allegorical cars along Av. 16 de Septiembre-Alcalde, from Niños Héroes to the Glorieta de la Normal in the city of Guadalajara.

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The October Festivities arose in 1965 as an initiative of the then Governor of Jalisco Francisco Medina Ascencio, the facilities of the Agua Azul Park were assigned to them as headquarters and the organization of the fair was in charge of the Tourism Department of the City.

For a short time, the fairs were placed in the vicinity of the “El Santuario” Garden, however, given the number of attendees, they returned to the Agua Azul Park. It was until 1984 when it was decided to relocate them to a space with a greater capacity, such as the Auditorium “Benito Juárez” , located in the Colonia Auditorium of the municipality of Zapopan .

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For 1989, the authorities determined to form a board of trustees which took over the organization of the fair period until 2018.

In 1991, the October Fiestas Board decided to change the way the fair was held and assign it a different theme each year with the aim of increasing the culture and experiences of the visitors.

In January 2019, said patronage is extinguished and the Decentralized Public Organism of the State Entertainment Agency is created


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