Not many tourists are arriving in Escuinapa, Sinaloa


Escuinapa, Sinaloa (July 28, 2020).- The arrival of tourists to the municipality has been slow due to the fact that the beaches remain closed.

Eliud Aguilar Iñiguez, head of the tourism department in the municipality, commented that the record of visits remains low.

Escuinapa is located 92 kilometers (58 miles) southeast of Mazatlan (INEGI)

He said that despite the fact that the influx of visitors is minimal, hotels and restaurants have had an acceptable demand since their opening.

To conclude, he said that it is expected that when the beaches are opened, there will be a rebound for the tourism sector of Escuinapa.

“We contemplate that, if we can open our beaches in August, tourists will be arriving by the hundreds, but always keeping in mind the most important thing, respect for the sanitary measures,” declared Aguilar Iñiguez.

24 hotels are located in the municipality, and they all already have the health distinction.

Source: OEM

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