Los Cabos approved mandatory use of facemask in public areas


July 28, 2020

Los Cabos.- After the Covid-19 pandemic reached its Baja California Sur, the Government of Los Cabos, as well as the authorities of the health sector, have carried out various actions to mitigate the number of massive infections, such as the implementation of social isolation. , the limitation of mobility and capacity in open public spaces to 30%; however, the lack of public awareness -with regard to the permanent use of the face mask- has become an important factor for health institutions to request the Honorable Cabildo “city council” de Los Cabos to make their use compulsory in public areas.

In this regard, the municipal president of Los Cabos, Armida Castro Guzmán announced that congruence is finally made and put in writing to be able to exhort, invite and – if there is any lack of authority – be able to proceed according to what the regulations states. Police and Municipal Good Government; On the other hand, it will seek to provide the citizens with face masks, so that they can comply with the stipulated and there is no sanction.

Los Cabos makes face masks mandatory as hospital occupancy climbs

“We have to prevent more contagions from reaching the municipality because we are currently registering 20 new ones every day, so the invitation to the general public continues to be co-responsibility. Please, if you go out onto the public highway you have to do it responsibly; responsibly use sports spaces, beaches, offices, and other public spaces allowed to 30% “, said the Mayor.

In the same way, the Mayor pointed out that the facemask is one more tool, so together with organized civil society, businessmen, CROC and the State Government, it started the campaign to provide facemasks, where it pointed out that the facemask was not obligatory and was not used, was up to the individual responsibility to decide whether to use it and avoid contagion as much as possible.

“We need to stop the number of daily infections and not to recover mobility or the economic issue; it is necessary to stop infections so that hospital capacity and care in health centers are not exceeded in Los Cabos, “concluded the Mayor

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July 28th 2020

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Los Cabos63547479

Total de casos acumulados: 3 864 casos


Source: tribunadeloscabos.com.mx, coronavirus.bcs.gob.mx

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