Cases of depression in older adults increase in Sinaloa during pandemic


Cases of psychological depression have increased in older adults in Sinaloa, which endangers mental health due to the consequences of the pandemic.

Sinaloa, Mexico.- “Increase in depression in older adults is what the COVID-19 health contingency has left”, said specialist Verónica de León de Cuetos

Through the Sinaloense Institute for Women, the videoconference “Geriatric solitude and how to face it in times of COVID-19” was given, where one of the main objectives was to know how to help older adults to face the pandemic.

One of the unfortunate situations is the fear originated by pointing out older adults as the most vulnerable group, insecurity, doubts and fear are transmitted to them.

The specialist said that many Sinaloan older adults do not want to be treated in hospitals, because they think that because they are old, they would be killed, and this situation worsens the health of many of them.

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In Sinaloa, 311 older adults have died since the arrival of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, known as the new coronavirus. However, the age range with the most infections ranges from 25 to 44 years, with more than 3,134 confirmed patients.

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