Mazatlan presents the new Mztourist App


The Mztourist App will inform which beaches have available spaces and which have already reached the maximum occupancy limit. Now available on iOS, Android is missing.

Through the Mztourist App, tourists and locals will be able to consult the status of 30 stretches of beach, as well as the list of lodging, transport, and food establishments that have the official sanitary mark in Mazatlan.

This free digital tool can now be downloaded on the iOS operating system and is expected to be available for Android in the coming days, as reported during its official launch.

The application, developed by the City Council’s Information Technology Directorate, has a traffic light that indicates which beaches have spaces available and which ones have already reached the limit of their capacity and, therefore, there will be no more accesses. In this way, the visitor can go to areas that still have places.

Capacity control

This action is intended to maintain greater control of gauging to comply with the indications of social distancing and low density on beaches to contain Covid-19 infections.

Using a map, the various beach polygons are shown, which contain information on their location, length, the maximum number of recommended people, signage, and status based on four different colors.

The swimmer’s count will be in charge of inspectors and the information will be uploaded to the platform constantly.

Mztourist App
The Mztourist App is free.

Other services

Whether in the English or Spanish language, on this platform the health protocols of the tourism sector are available as well as the emergency numbers, road assistance and a direct link to the Tourist Assistance and Protection Center to report complaints from service providers, breach of contracts, loss of passport or official documents.

By this means, foreign visitors can also contact their embassies or consulates.

The various services include information on tourist sites, events, and a directory of official institutions, money exchange offices, bathrooms, public, and banks.

The new tool was presented this Wednesday by Mayor Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres, who pointed out that this digital tool is the only one of its kind in the country and that it will benefit the tourist activity of the destination.

Mztourist App
Official presentation of Mztourist App. Now available on iOS, Android is missing. 

This application, also in the English language, can be downloaded to smartphones at no cost.


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