Reopening of Mazatlan will generate more Covid-19 in Durango


The State Coordinator of Civil Protection, Guillermo Pacheco, advocates for the Durango citizens conscience to avoid traveling to Mazatlan and prevent the spread of contagion

For the State Coordinator of Contingency Covid-19, Guillermo Pacheco Valenzuela, the tourist reactivation of the neighboring port of Mazatlan, will have to translate for Durango into an increase in the spread of Covid-19, “it is not time to restart these tasks,” he said. the state official.

In this regard, the also State Coordinator of Civil Protection (CEPC), warned that Sinaloa is precisely one of the states that has had the highest contagion, as well as deaths and suspected cases, “Sinaloa is one of the states that has a continued to increase and spread”.

He acknowledged that, in effect, the situation for states and municipalities in economic terms is alarming, however, he reflected that ultimately what will mitigate the spread of the virus is the responsibility of each citizen, where it should be understood that the recommendations and protocols they are to take care of your own life.

He regretted that Durango is still in the first place of mobility at a national level and this is reflected in the statistics, as has already been seen, “yesterday with 900 suspected cases, more than 200 in 24 hours, what this does and tells us that the pandemic continues. “

Guillermo Pacheco pointed out that this Thursday as it is a fortnight, the spread will increase again and insisted on the part of the responsibility of each one of the people who have the opportunity to open their business since at least they have to comply 100% with the hygiene and safety measures.

And the fact is that, if they are not complied with, the situation may turn out worse, since then the businesses would be closed and they would have to pay a fine, although the citizens are not certain that it is carried out for the benefit of the business itself and the benefit of each of those who are an integral part of the State Civil Protection system, whose responsibility is to watch over oneself but also the family and others.

“And if that responsibility is not clear to us, then we would definitely be in a situation of a substantial increase in this pandemic that is not controlled today, either at the state or national level,” he concluded


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