Authorities announce the formal reopening of the Sinaloa-Durango Tourism sector


June 29th 2020

MAZATLAN SINALOA.- This Monday, the announcement of the official Reopening of the Tourist Sector of Mazatlán, Sinaloa, and Durango takes place, to be held on Wednesday, July 1.

The event, in the Municipal Palace, is attended by the governors of Sinaloa and Durango, Quirino Ordaz Coppel and José Rosas Aispuro, the Mayor of Mazatlán, Luis Benítez, as well as other officials from Sinaloa, Durango and Mazatlán.

Luis Benítez stressed that several Health agencies are aware that this reopening of tourist activities is done avoiding more contagions of Covid-19 coronavirus and that the formula for a balance between health and economy in the port is being sought.

Óscar Pérez Barros, Secretary of Tourism of Sinaloa, stressed that there are strict protocols so that tourists can come safely.

He stressed that 76 percent of hotels already have the necessary certifications to be able to open and that soon 100 percent of hotels will be able to open.

He asked for the support of society, to do his part, to ensure that the pandemic can be contained and the productive sectors remain open.

He explained that they will return to work, hotels, motels, cabins and hostels, restaurants, transportation, operators, vendors, spas, water parks, golf courses, among others.

Elazar Gamboa de la Parra, Secretary of Tourism of Durango, announced that there will be working groups to create the necessary filters or sanitary measures to avoid infections.

Javier Lizárraga Mercado, Secretary of Economic Development of Sinaloa, stated that Tourism is the other growth sector in Sinaloa, but thanked all the productive sectors of Sinaloa, who have accepted the guidelines and protocols for the economic reopening in the safest way.

Rosas Aispuro stressed the importance of working together and coordinated between Durango and Sinaloa, since many things unite them, such as their economies, their tourists, and other things, such as culture.

He said that it is essential to carry out health protocols, that people’s health comes first, but those economies must be reactivated, so, in the face of this unprecedented time (of a pandemic), it is necessary to change, to do what is necessary, so that people can work with the necessary measures against contagion.

He added that it is not known how long there will be a vaccine against Covid-19, and how long they will be able to apply it, but in the meantime, the economies must be reactivated with great care, avoiding infections.

He stressed that it is urgent to reactivate the economy, and the Durango-Sinaloa union will be seen to do what is necessary so that the sectors return to work and citizens also.

Coordination is vital, he stressed, because if everyone is on their side, little will be accomplished.

In another participation, Mayor Benítez highlighted that the Networks Operation is already in place, and Astrid Macías, from Capta, is in charge of ensuring the compliance with protocols in the tourism sector.

He regretted that many people go without a mask on the streets, 76 percent of people do not wear a mask, that does not help to counter the pandemic.

He also announced that a special COVID center will be opened next week in Mazatlán, with low-cost tests, and other supports and measures for citizens.

And, the other week too, the MazTuristApp, an application in several languages, aimed at tourists will be unveiled.

He stressed that the Covid-19 will continue here, that it is necessary for everyone to go hand in hand, in order to be in a new normal, and that as in other epidemics, they will come out ahead of the current one.

Ordaz Coppel stressed that they had a previous talk, and that a document was shown on the protocols and measures to be taken, that there is nothing improvised, in order to reactivate the sectors in a new reality.

“What everyone does is going to help a lot,” he said.

The opening has already taken place more gradually, but now it is going to get more intense, and it is going to be a challenge because more people will come.

It is necessary to strengthen the areas of surveillance, supervision, that the protocols are complied with, but it is worrying that there are many people who have not yet dropped by the 20th, who do not change the chip, who must take care of themselves and others.

There will be more mobility, then there will be more work.

This virus brought fear, psychosis, and that paralyzes, but you cannot continue like this, that is why COVID centers, help centers are set up, to be able to help people, give them serenity.

He recognized the importance of coordination between Sinaloa and Durango, so that protocols can be followed, not “loosened”, on the contrary, intensify measures.

It is very important to be united, to be coordinated, in these times, he stressed.

Benítez delivered the compendium of protocols for the tourist reopening.


The Mazatlan Post