Choix, Sinaloa holds the record! It is the hottest area in Mexico


During Sunday the municipality was placed in the first place in the list of maximum temperatures of the SMN and it is expected that this Monday will not be the exception

Sinaloa.- The municipality of Sinaloa continued to demonstrate why it is the “oven” of Mexico, and that is that on Sunday June 21 it registered maximum temperatures of 44 degrees, the highest at the national level.

For today, the state of Sinaloa will maintain clear skies during the day, in the afternoon the cloudiness will increase and rains and intervals of showers are foreseen in the mountains. It will also maintain an extremely hot environment and a southwest wind of 15 to 30 km / h in the region.


In the following graph you will know how the climate conditions and temperatures will be established in each of the 18 municipalities of Sinaloa.


The Mazatlan Post