Canaco Mazatlan announces reopening of bars, malls, cinemas, and casinos on June 26


Jun 19, 2020

All businesses in the city hope to open next week

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- The Board of Directors of Canaco Servytur Sinaloa Sur offered a virtual press conference this morning, in which it announced the opening of all the municipality’s businesses for June 26.

“The proposal that we have to reopen is for all businesses in general on June 26, that is the idea, to open up alongside the hotel industry,” said Perla Galván, director of the agency.

“When we talk about general reopening we are putting names and surnames to businesses, we are talking about all the bars, cinemas, malls, casinos … practically all the businesses in Mazatlán”, specified Jesús Sandoval Gaxiola, president of this business chamber.


Likewise, he specified that all the establishments will have all the sanitary protocols, since each one has been constantly training.

The businessmen who make up this council explained that they can no longer bear to be closed longer and without working, since they regretted that no authority from the three levels of government offered them fiscal incentives or real support, and despite this, the bosses have still had to bear payments of taxes, payroll, rent, services, among other payments.

They also expressed their disagreement against state and municipal authorities, by applying strict measures with formally established businesses and having been tolerant of informal ones regarding sanitary measures.


The Mazatlan Post