Mazatlan and 2 other Sinaloa cities stand out in Cyclocities ranking


* Sustainable mobility promoted in Los Mochis, Culiacan and Mazatlan is recognized in a study by the Institute of Policies for Transport and Development

Sinaloa to June 16, 2020.-

Due to the public policies of sustainable mobility promoted in Sinaloa, the cities of Los Mochis, Culiacan and Mazatlan obtained a better rating when they were included in the 2019 Cyclocities ranking, a study prepared by the Institute for Transport and Development Policies (ITDP for its an international organization specialized in mobility issues.

The Secretary of Sustainable Development, Carlos Gandarilla García, explained that, according to the study, the cities increased their qualification with respect to the last study in 2018: Culiacan went from 16 to 38 points; Los Mochis from 28 to 31 and Mazatlan from 14 to 19 points.

He added that the parameters being measured have to do with climate change, the institutional capacity of governments, education, and promotion campaigns, the intermodality of bicycle transport, investment, monitoring and evaluation, urban planning instruments, bicycle lane networks, the regulatory framework, and road safety.

He said that the government of Quirino Ordaz Coppel has given a strong boost to sustainable mobility, which is reflected in said measurement “for example, among the things that this ranking takes into account is the measurement of air quality, which promotes information and events related to the bicycle. They also measure the existence of public bicycle systems, here in Sinaloa we already have two cities ”.

The head of SEDESU added that the evaluation of the promotion of the Law of Sustainable Mobility is also evaluated “today the bicycle is already recognized as a mode of transportation and gives it rights that it did not have before. In this administration, more bike lanes have been built in Los Mochis, in Culiacan and others are already under construction in Mazatlan. ”

In addition, he commented that the progress of the mobility policy recognized by the study is thanks to the collaboration that exists with municipal governments.

Carlos Gandarilla reiterated that the State Government seeks to consolidate the bicycle as an efficient, safe, comfortable and of course environmentally friendly transport alternative.

It should be noted that in the face of the health emergency caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the bicycle becomes a safer and healthier option for short trips.


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