San Ignacio, Sinaloa: Hot springs attract visitors in search of health tourism


The inhabitants of the area seek the support of the state and municipal government to build a pool that makes the hot springs more attractive to tourists.

San Ignacio.- Aguacaliente de los Yuriar is a small and peaceful town with old adobe buildings and red roofs, that lies in the heart of Sinaloa.

It is located an hour and a half from the municipal seat of San Ignacio. It is accessed through the town of Elota and belongs to the Ixpalino community, in the municipality of San Ignacio. The almost 20 families that live there survive from agriculture and livestock.

Its name is due to the fact that thermal springs sprout at various points of the town to which people attribute healing benefits. And although there are those who come to take baths in this water, locals mostly use it for drinking or washing.

These waters have made the town famous, where visitors from different parts of the state sporadically come attracted by the hot springs.

The inhabitants indicate that it has also served for numerous groups of students from the UAS School of Biology, as well as the Technological Institute of Culiacán, that camp down there and carry out expeditions around the town, but these activities are currently halted due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Heriberto Angulo Arellano, a resident of the area, indicated that there is a concern because during the rainy season, the hot spring where the waters flow has been affected and they fear that it could disappear.

Among the healing effects of these waters, which emerge from a cavity in the earth, the use for therapeutic purposes stands out, which restores the health of people, since it has beneficial minerals, including fluorine, iron, bromine, boron, iodine, chromium, sodium, phosphorous, arsenic and carbonic silicon.

Thermal baths are therapeutic systems that have achieved significance since they are used for people with disabilities, due to their properties, which make the muscles soften and relaxed.

They pointed out that the water that drips permanently from the small cavity is kept at the same temperature and is ideal for washing clothes, in addition to being used for bathing in the winter season.

Some specialists have pointed out that exposing yourself to baths of this water serves to reactivate the organism in rheumatic and arthritic patients, since it serves as a pain reliever, toning, and restorative, as well as purifying blood through sweating.

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