Sinaloa Governor delivers Mazatlan soccer stadium without authorization from Congress


Legislators called on the state governor, Quirino Ordaz Coppel to publicly account for the situation of agreements concluded by individuals

Culiacan, Sinaloa.- The members of the Morena parliamentary group, the president of the Youth and Sports Commission, Yeraldine Bonilla and the president of the Audit Commission in the Sinaloa Congress, Marco Zazueta, denounced that the governor from Sinaloa, Quirino Ordaz Coppel, handed over the soccer stadium in Mazatlán to individuals, regardless of the legislative branch.

Quirino delivers Mazatlán soccer stadium without authorization from Congress

The above, after faults were observed in the adjudication of the SOP-C-LP-EF-117-2017 and OPU-EST-LP-072-2018 tender contests, dated on August 15, 2017 and 30 September last year where 652 million 288 thousand 447 pesos were allocated to the construction of the stadium.

“The deputies and deputies of the parliamentary group of Morena and, in particular, those of us who make up the Youth and Sports Commission and the Audit Commission, are concerned about the constitutional and legal omissions in the disposition of state real estate, by virtue of that until now it has not presented any request for the alienation of the professional soccer stadium in Mazatlán, despite the fact that the media attributes to the Governor of the State the announcement of the imminent occupation of said stadium by individuals, ”added Yeraldine Bonilla.

Given this, Marco Zazueta expressed his concern, since the agreement between the state government and individuals was for the property without any compensation, in addition to covering a kind of monthly compensation for the occupation of the site.

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“We in Moreno are not against sport, we know that Mazatlan is a tourist city that can have First Division soccer, but we condemn the way in which this situation has been handled, and the lack of judgment is part of the Governor, because before the situation, in the face of the crisis we are experiencing, this type of investment cannot be prioritized, ”he explained.

“This property is not concessioned, article 43 fraction 32 of the Sinaloa Political Constitution contains the exclusive power of the State Congress to establish the bases for the concessions that the executive must grant; What could have been given are agreements in the dark to seek a strategy and prevent it from going through Congress, but since it is a state asset, Congress must authorize this transaction, if it is not done so, it will it is violating the Law ”, warned the President of the Inspection Commission.

The legislators also exposed the situation of the Dorados de Culiacán stadium, which is owned by the state and which was delivered on July 31, 2019, without renewal and cancellation of the date by the executive power.


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