AMLO says he does not plan to get tested for COVID-19


Mexico President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador said he does not plan to get tested for coronavirus one day after it was announced a member of his administration he had recently been in contact with had been infected.

The Mexican president has faced criticism (AP/Victor Ruiz)
The Mexican president has faced criticism (AP/Victor Ruiz)

Zoe Robledo, director of Mexico’s social security system, announced on Sunday that he had tested positive, two days after he appeared with Mr Lopez Obrador at an event in the Tabasco state capital of Villahermosa. The president’s security cabinet had also been present during that event.

Mr Lopez Obrador said: “I’m not going to do the test because I don’t have symptoms. Fortunately, I’m well and take care of myself, keep a safe distance.”

Mr Lopez Obrador returned to the capital after a week-long tour of the country’s southeast. He used the trip to kick off construction of a tourist train, one of his signature projects, and to illustrate the government’s efforts to reactivate the economy.

Some criticised the trip as risky and as sending the wrong message while Mexico’s Covid-19 cases continue to peak. Mr Lopez Obrador had initially planned to fly the first leg to Cancun, but ended up driving the entire way.

Mr Lopez Obrador said no one else on the trip had fallen ill, but said he is reconsidering his next scheduled trip the coming week. He also raised the possibility of a video conference rather than a White House visit when the new free trade agreement with the United States and Canada takes effect on July 1.

Mr Lopez Obrador said the Washington visit was not confirmed yet. “It could be done in a video conference. That possibility exists to not have to travel,” he said.

In late April, Mexico’s comptroller was infected and in early May, the head of the country’consumer protection office said he had tested positive.

Later on Monday, the social security agency said in a statement that three other top administrators had tested positive, but were asymptomatic.