Lake Chapala increased coronavirus cases confirmed


June 07, 2020


With 11 confirmed cases -in contagion phase-, five suspects and 50 negatives, confirmed on Lake Chapala

The municipality started with the left foot in June and while the inhabitants relaxed the measures by going out into the streets, the first confirmed patient appeared on the first day of the month at the municipality; seven days later, accumulating 11 positive cases.

According to information from the Municipal President, Moisés Alejandro Anaya Aguilar, on June 2 the male patient was the first contagion- was admitted to the Old Civil Hospital and, despite the fact that his family was unaware of the condition, at the time of knowing that he was ill, currently, his health is stable.

On the other hand, the second contagion is a 44-year-old woman, who is not hospitalized and who is also from the municipality; although the local authorities do not know if the infections occurred in Chapala or elsewhere.

However, the citizens of the municipality loosened the measures just when the chain of contagions began locally at the beginning of the month, the streets looked as if it were a common day, the only difference is that some wore face masks.

According to some locals, a mistrust was generated after the errors made in the General Directorate of Epidemiology of the Ministry of Health of Mexico, when – on two occasions – they registered cases in the municipality and later denied them.

For her part, Anaya Aguilar indicated that the first mistake made resulted from a bad registration by the Mexican Social Security Institute, where the patient indicated that he lived on the banks of Chapala, a fact that was wrong since the person affected was a resident of the municipality of Ixtlahuacán.

In the second error, the infected by COVID-19 indicated that he had a house in the Ajijic delegation, but in turn said that he lived in the municipality of Zapopan, which is why they registered him in the municipality of Chapala.

These mistakes reduced the confidence of the inhabitants towards the authorities and may be a factor for which the SARS-CoV-2 virus advances further among the inhabitants of the municipality of Chapala.

Although the municipalities are already shaping up to revive the economy, the cases are increasing and some mayors have reported that the residents are relaxing the measures. The president of Tototlán, Sergio Quezada Mendoza, denounced that some citizens are not abiding by the measures:

“I see them today much more relaxed, in fact, I walked through some streets and practically 90-95% without face masks and without security measures, isolation, or anything. I ordered that some parties be canceled because there is no party permit, today they reported a party that is in a dance venue; We have told them there is no permission for that. “

For his part, the mayor of Jocotepec, José Miguel Gómez López, denounced on June 5, that some infected people and that they are ambulatory cases, were asked to stay at home, a matter that was not respected, which would be putting the population at risk.

However, the local authorities will continue to implement preventive actions: “in this situation, preventive measures must be reinforced, the compulsory use of face masks, constant washing of hands, covering the mouth with the forearm when coughing or sneezing, people older than 60 years, pregnant women or people with a chronic disease must remain at home, as well as citizens who do not have an essential activity to do. “

In addition to adding that the implementation of Phase 0 of economic reactivation continues, but it was clarified that it is “necessary for all of us to collaborate with prevention measures to avoid massive contagions.”

The Chapala EXPAT Liaison comments

Sadly, I see there are now 11 cases in Chapala and its’ delegations. I see a complete relaxatof the community in general from the oft repeated precautions. This will take us to an explosion of new cases.

Unbelievable , the jump from 3 to 11 today and from 11 to how many tomorrow????

This is a clear message about what is coming . Either we take care of ourselves or the medical system will soon be swamped.

People have been questioning me about names and addresses. This is confidential information. If you get it , do you want me publishing your name and address? But, I can tell you the virus is closer than what you think. That is why I ask you if you love yourself and your community? Take care of yourself and the ones around you God bless us all! Your friend!

Hector España “Chapala EXPAT Liaison


In Jalisco, 256 new COVID-19 infections were reported today, to accumulate 4,397 confirmed cases throughout the State. Of these, there are currently 1,649 active cases (people who started symptoms in the last fourteen days) and 150 people recovered, of which there is complete certainty of their recovery. 

This Sunday, twelve more deaths were also reported due to SAR-CoV-2 (deaths occurred between May 20 and June 05), bringing the total of 241 deaths confirmed by this infection, registered in 28 municipalities of Jalisco; Although nine of them correspond to residents of other entities: the State of Nayarit (4), the State of Mexico (2), Puebla (1), Zacatecas (1) and Baja California (1).


So far, 265 positive cases of SAR-CoV-2 have been registered among health personnel (a new case reported today), the contagion of which is associated with the care provided in medical units. 

Of these, 75 correspond to the municipality of Puerto Vallarta, 156 to the municipality of Guadalajara, ten to the municipality of Ocotlán, fifteen to the municipality of Tepatitlán, two to the municipality of Colotlán; four to the municipality of Zapopan, one to the municipality of Ciudad Guzmán and two to the municipality of Tala.

In all cases, risk contacts are identified and kept under home isolation.


Tomatlán remains with 8 positive cases of COVID-19, while Talpa de Allende and Mascota with 7 cases each.


To date, cases have been confirmed in 80 of the 125 municipalities of Jalisco; of which in 66 there are active cases, that is, people who started with symptoms in the last 14 days.

Based on these results of the contagion count registered by Radar Jalisco, Governor Enrique Alfaro Ramírez warned that higher numbers would be obtained than those officially presented by the Federal Government, for accounting for PCR tests, those of the University of Guadalajara and those of private institutions, but this will allow a clear diagnosis so that the state can make the following decisions.

“We are going to have higher numbers than the official figures than Mexico City because here we decided to count all the tests that we are doing, not only the laboratory tests that are PCR, but also the rapid tests that the University of Guadalajara is applying, the tests that private institutions are applying, “he said.


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