Find out why Mazatlans new soccer team uniform and shield will be purple


The decision that purple is the official color of Mazatlan FC comes from a recurring image in the port of Mazatlan.

The Mazatlan FC will have a uniform and shield in purple and although still at least a week to meet the new MX League team, the choice of color was not taken lightly but has its reasons.

The purple that the former soccer team of Monarcas Morelia will wear has to do with the sunsets in Mazatlan, Sinaloa, since although it is not a rule, on many of the afternoons of the port the sky is painted purple, which gives it a peculiar color.

The decision of the purple color for Mazatlan new soccer team

The above was confirmed by a source to Mediotiempo, and the idea was born in the first days, this prior to the officialization of the arrival of soccer from Liga MX to Mazatlan.

A peculiarity of Mazatlan is just when the sun begins to say goodbye to the port of Sinaloa to enter the thick clouds, the Mazatlan sky takes on shades of pink, purple, orange and even yellow until night falls.

This is the first step for the Mazatlan fans to begin to identify with the team, in the town the purple sunset is not a surprise at all, as they are more than used to it.

Who will sponsor the Mazatlan FC uniform?

Pirma will remain as the sponsor of the uniform, this because Monarcas Morelia still had a current contract, although the brand already works overtime to have the uniform and training clothes ready for when the team reports on June 15.

The first workout clothes could be generic as they continue to work on models and the coat.

Mazatlán FC also works on the image within the stadium, advertising, and social networks, since it is a new project and for this reason, all the staff will be working hard.

It should be noted that there has not been another team in the First Division of Mexico that has chosen purple as the color of the first uniform, although it has been used by other teams in second and third leagues such as the Atlas and the Jaguars of Chiapas.

On Monday, June 8, when the official presentation of the club is made, that is, its shield, logo, strategist, coaching staff and uniforms, but it is known in advance that the main color will be purple with vivid white and red, In addition, in the end, the Dolphins will not be the hallmark as it was handled at the beginning, but the Pirates or Buccaneers, because Azteca Sports posted a video with a purple sunset on social networks and what appears to be a pirate ship along with the hashtag #ARREbatando , apart from the multimedia file you can see the firing of a cannon.

It should be remembered that “Arre” is a characteristic expression of Sinaloa, but it could also be said that they played with the famous“Argh or Arrr” , the popular cry used by pirates before boarding ships to assault them.

Regarding the choice of purple, the portal Mediotiempo explained that it was not removed from the sleeve and really has its reason for being, which would be the sunsets of the city since many of them paint the sky in that color, as well as other pink shades, oranges, and even yellows, which gives a rather peculiar touch to the city.

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Also, everything seems to indicate that the Pirma brand will be in charge of dressing the Mazatlan team since the Grupo Salinas franchise is committed to the sponsor from its relationship with La Monarquía, while everything seems to indicate that the person in charge of taking the reins will be Juan Francisco Palencia, since it has been the most widely used name so far, but another option in the deck is Rafael “Chiquis” García.

With respect to the stadium, the field has already begun to be marked, looking in excellent condition, apart they continue with the placement of seats and outside they put concrete to the roads, in addition, the players are already cited on June 15 for the first medical procedures and physical.

Another thing that has already circulated on social networks was his possible hymn, based on the “Corrido de Mazatlán” , since a video was published on Twitter with the melody that the fans would adopt to support: “Today that soccer brought me to this stadium, To support the local team, it is necessary to shout with all the soul, with the colors of Mazatlán

On the other hand, the General Director of the new club, Mauricio Lanz, affirmed that they will seek that both the majority of the men’s and women’s squads remain, however, he pointed out that the minor categories could undergo a change due to the distance between Michoacán and Sinaloa.

“Our idea is to take us to all the teams. When we talk about the U-15 is more complicated by age, it is not easy for parents to let children go. We also want to keep our squad in the women’s one. Many end their contracts and she is free to decide if they want to join the project or not, “said the manager in an interview for FOX Sports.

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