Riviera Maya, Xcaret Park and Hotel To Reopen On June 15


Grupo Xcaret announced it will gradually resume operations starting June 15 with the reopening of Xcaret Park and Hotel Xcaret Mexico. The company also disclosed its updated safety and hygiene protocols to prevent the spread of COVID-19 (coronavirus) to ensure the wellbeing of visitors, guests, employees, and suppliers. Grupo Xcaret’s protocols, named 360 Xafety and which include 1,300 specific actions, were developed in consultation with national and international organizations. Grupo Xcaret is a member of the board of affiliates of the World Tourism Organization and is also part of the task force assembled by the Global Association for the Attractions Industry to develop their reopening guidance document.

Some of the measures that Grupo Xcaret will carry out include:

  • During the first phase of reopening, limiting to 50 percent the occupancy of Xcaret Park and Hotel Xcaret Mexico, as well as transportation services to allow space for social distancing
  • Temperature checks, through touchless digital devices, of every person entering the facilities and transportation units
  • The use of masks will be strongly suggested to all park visitors and hotel guests
  • Encouraging credit card and online payments to reduce physical contact with ticket booth staff
  • Disinfecting high contact surfaces up to every 30 minutes with EPA-approved broad-spectrum and long-lasting residual effect products
  • Disinfecting the hotel’s guest rooms twice a day
  • Disinfecting luggage, handbags, and strollers of hotel and tours guests
  • Limiting the capacity of restaurants to allow social distancing
  • Temporarily converting all self-service food stations to assisted buffet service
  • Bathroom, showers and dressing rooms cleaning procedures will use hospital-grade approved products
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In addition, both the hotel and parks have several certifications, such as the Cristal International Standards, an organization specializing in risk management and quality control, or the Distintivo H given by the Mexican Standardization and Certification Institute, which recognizes food and beverage establishments that comply with its hygiene standards. Hotel Xcaret Mexico is also part of the select 1 percent of worldwide hotels accredited as a AAA Five Diamond.

Grupo Xcaret will gradually restart operations of the other parks and tours on July 1 as it continues to closely monitor the evolution of coronavirus and follows government recommendations.

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Good to know: All the cleaning and disinfecting products used at all Xcaret facilities are biodegradable, complying with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency standards and have been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration

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