The agitator involved in violent marches in Jalisco and Mexicali located


Internet users relate it to the protests against the brewer in Mexicali

Mexico.- Users of social networks such as Twitter and Facebook, denounced a man who was involved in the aggressions registered on Thursday in the march in Guadalajara, Jalisco, protesting the murder of Giovanni López.

The images of the man, who identifies himself as Jesús Torres on his social media accounts, were released by journalist Luis Cárdenas via Twitter.

This person was observed in front of the Government Palace of Jalisco on Thursday afternoon and, according to Internet users, he was related to the violence in Mexicali, Baja California, when he participated in the protests to prevent the construction of the Constellation Brands brewery in that city. .

“They identify an agitator involved in protests against the Mexicali brewery in the Jalisco riots,” said José Cárdenas.

According to the information released, it is about Jesús Torres, who allegedly leads violent agitator groups that they allegedly sent to set fire to patrols, paint buildings, and injure police officers.

Networks point out as an activist of radical cutting and violence that place in other mobilizations that occurred in different parts of the country; for example, against the construction of the Constellation Brands plant in Mexicali.


The man transmitted through the Facebook account, where he has 41,000 followers, the protests and destruction carried out.

He is Jesús Torres, the man who recorded part of the excesses carried out in front of the Government Palace of Jalisco. He became famous for transmitting a video on his Facebook account – where he has 41,000 followers – of the protests La Silla Rota (@lasillarota) June 6, 2020

Governor says there were infiltrators and agitators

For his part, the Governor of Jalisco, Enrique Alfaro, insisted again this Friday that he has evidence that the “agitators” of the demonstration by Giovanni López were sent from Mexico City, however, he did not present them.


The president indicated that he hopes to meet “as soon as possible” with President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, to discuss the acts that occurred outside the Government Palace and directly show him the evidence.

This man #JesusTorres is part of today’s vandalism organization in #Jalisco and faithful follower of #Morena Vanessa Prescott (@VannPrescott) June 5, 2020

“There is a lot of evidence of how (the infiltration) has been constructed, simply and simply knowing who paid the millions of pesos in the guidelines of social networks to build this story based on misinformation and lies,” he said, without presenting such testimonies. .


Alfaro maintains this version since Thursday night, when he published a video on social networks accusing that the movement was conceived “in the basements” of the Federal Government Palace in search of “dividing” and asked the Federal president to bring order.

FRENA repudiates violent acts in Jalisco; Both the death of Giovanni by the municipal police and the MORENA reaction.

Confirmed; the leaders of these excesses are the same of the violent events in Mexicali (Constellation Brands). # SomosMexico y pacíficos # AmloVeteYa Official FRENAAA (@OfficialFrenaaa) June 5, 2020

AMLO supporter

 Yesterday in the demonstration that we saw in Jalisco there were infiltrators, there were 27 detainees from other states such as  Mexico City, Yucatan, and Michoacán,  emphasized the local official.

AMLO asks for evidence

For his part, López Obrador asked him to present evidence if he had it.
“We have no interest in quarreling with any governor and I am not a hypocrite because I am not a conservative. If the governor has evidence to disclose it, the accuser must prove to act responsibly, “said the president.

The protests to demand justice after the death of Giovanni López, after being detained by the Municipal Police of Ixtlahuácan, Jalisco, left a balance of 27 detainees, six wounded policemen and multiple material damages in patrols and the Government Palace of Jalisco.

In addition, 17 complaints have been filed so far against the security corporation for its actions in said demonstration before the State Commission on Human Rights.


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