Sinaloa restaurants are preparing to open their doors; learn about the new protocols


After spending more than 70 days working behind closed doors, the Ministry of Health has already established the protocols for the restaurant sector

Sinaloa.- After having spent more than 70 days working behind closed doors due to the confinement of the COVID-19, Sinaloa restaurateurs are preparing to open their doors to the public once they are allowed to operate with diners.

Within the measures endorsed by the Ministry of Health, it is established that both diners and collaborators must wear face masks, maintain a healthy distance of 1.80 meters if they are not familiar, as well as the distribution of tables for eating.


Hand washing with soap and water, and if possible, application of alcohol gel of more than 60 percent.

Label sneeze – at the angle of the elbow. Use disposable tissues and once used they will be placed in a closed garbage bag. Avoid touching your face.


Maintain a healthy distance between people who are not relatives, of 1.80 m. Permanently use face masks in the establishment.

All employees in the establishment will use personal protective equipment: covers mouths, gloves, goggles or acrylic masks, coif, and others that their position marks in the good performance of their tasks.

The implementation time of these sanitary work measures in the A&B establishments will be in force as long as we are in this contagion phase, which will change the way of working of the collaborators.

They will be implemented to give the greatest certainty of sanitation and cleanliness to customers and diners.

The controls will be being updated according to the recommendations and updates of recovery of the sanitary emergency that we are going through.


Carry out a thorough sanitation of the entire establishment. Ensure the washing, disinfection and adequate and correct handling of the food to be prepared.

Washing and changing the hood filters and proper operation of ventilation ducts.

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Have good natural or mechanical ventilation.

Washing and disinfecting all surfaces with the indicated certified product for this purpose or chlorinated water solution (one liter of water with 10 milliliters of chlorine in common use in a bottle with a sprinkler and more than 60 percent alcohol solution.


To guarantee the safety of the collaborators themselves, people with diseases classified as high risk, older adults, pregnant women and immunodepressed.

Train workers on prevention and cleaning measures (frequent hand washing, sneeze label, remote greeting).

Prepare workers so that they can assume and perform different functions in the event of possible absenteeism.

The temperature will be taken to the employee upon entering the facilities and when his shift ends, using laser thermometers taking care not to touch the eye area.

Recommend not to wave, kiss and / or hug between collaborators.

Keep a healthy distance of 1.80 meters at all times.

All personnel must use mouth covers, goggles or acrylic masks, as well as the use of other implements such as hair mesh, gloves, closed shoes, long sleeves, aprons and those that mark the activity they carry out.

Avoid the use of cell phones, if necessary, it must be disinfected before and after use.


All kitchen staff must have personal protective equipment.

Establish work rules in kitchen equipment, since space is difficult to maintain a healthy distance of at least 1.50 meters, so it is recommended to organize and distribute the work very well among the staff, leaning on the floor marking with the required spacing.

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In the kitchen, frequent hand washing with soap and water is recommended, as frequently as possible, every 30 minutes and after food handling.

If more than 60 percent alcohol antibacterial gel is used, be careful in the kitchen.


The healthy distance of 1.80 meters between people who are not from the same group is recommended, and if possible, marking on the floor to avoid crowds.

Recommend and encourage reservations, distributing access with a difference of minutes to avoid crowds. Following the recommendations set by the epidemiological traffic light.

Armchairs or booths cabinets are recommended because they have natural barriers. Set up the table in the presence of the client to avoid touching the utensils and eliminate decorations and centerpieces, as well as those not necessary such as napkin rings and salt shakers.

All reusable included direct guest contact items will be disinfected after each use or single use.

Menus must be single use or laminated disinfecting after each use.

Change all the tablecloths after each use, if the tablecloth is cloth, it should be handled with gloves and washed at a minimum temperature of 60 ° C, it is recommended disposable.

Condiments and sauces should be put at the time the diner requests it and in individual portions.

Furniture will be accommodated 1.80 meters away and the maximum capacities must be established according to the physical distance protocol.

Physical distance reminders should be posted on the tables.

The use of mouth covers and gloves for cooks in buffets, in addition to the obligatory work equipment, as well as waiters.


Reception tables, podiums and all equipment will be disinfected at least once an hour.

Service stations, service carts, beverage stations, counters, handrails, and trays will be disinfected at least once an hour.

Dining tables, bar counters, stools, and chairs will be disinfected after each use.

Storage containers will be disinfected before and after each use. Food preparation stations should be disinfected at least once an hour.

Kitchens must be cleaned and disinfected at least once a day.


They must have anti-sneeze barriers.

A kitchen collaborator will be in charge of serving the diner, they must use all the protective equipment such as: face mask, mouth covers, disposable gloves, which must be changed or washed every 4 hours; All service cutlery should be changed, washed with soap, water and sanitized periodically.

To prevent diners from crowding into the buffet row, the healthy distance of 1.80 m should be marked on the floor. The buffet bars will only apply when the epidemiological traffic light allows it.


They will be allowed as long as the healthy distance of 1.80 meters is respected.

They cannot be used as waiting rooms.


These areas will be closed, until further notice.


To limit contact between customers and collaborators, payment will be encouraged using electronic methods.

After each use, all devices such as terminals, pens, bead holders will be disinfected and cleaned after each use, equally.

If the payment is direct in boxes, it will be the same procedure cleaning and sanitizing the counter and all the accessories used.


The company providing the VALET PARKING service must have the certification or supporting documentation that supports the sanitation and cleaning measures of the collaborators who offer this service.

Valet Parking will carry mouth covers and personal protective equipment, will offer customer service and will be optional if the customer requires support.

Motorcycle Restaurants

If the service is not required, the client will be clearly indicated where he will park his vehicle.


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