As long as the red light remains in Mazatlan, there can be no reopening


Municipality is already preparing the protocols for reopening some businesses; they will wait until the traffic light is yellow to reactivate casinos, cinemas, nightclubs and other spaces

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- The Secretary for Economic Development, Tourism and Municipal Fisheries, David González Torrentera, announced that they are working on the protocols for the economic reactivation of the port, which have already been approved by the State Government through the Ministry of Economy and Tourism.

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“We consider that we must take considerations to be able to propose an economic reactivation strategy; yesterday we agreed, we reconciled the way in which it will start and we will soon formally announce the reactivation strategy,” he added.

González Torrentera emphasized that it is important to remember that everything will depend on the traffic light system in which the intensity of the pandemic is measured, since unfortunately Mazatlán and Sinaloa are generally in red light, since he said that as long as the traffic light is maintained at that color, there can be no reactivation.

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However, the municipal official stressed that once the orange light is indicated, activities can be resumed almost 100 percent, however, all must have strict operating protocols, as they will be monitored through Civil Protection and the Your department of Commerce to comply with this and avoid massive contagions.

“There are some areas that will not participate in orange traffic lights, such as casinos and nightclubs; these will have to wait until the yellow phase; with respect to everything else, if they are going to be able to operate,” he said.

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González Torrentera added that they are working on the revival of tourism, on the issue of certifications for both restaurants and hotels, where they will have to comply with the rules for the new operation.

“The health contingency will not end, the National Sana Distancia Day ends, and what will continue now through the traffic light of the affectation, gradually opening the different shops,” he concluded.


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