Yucatan’s Profeco ‘denounces’ CFE for ‘phantom’ consumption during the contingency


They assure that the CFE invoiced services based on estimates because, due to the loss of its staff, it did not go to take the meter readings

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MERIDA, Yucatan.- The Federal Consumer Prosecutor’s Office ( Profeco ) in Yucatán pointed out that the Federal Electricity Commission ( CFE ) did charge with estimates in this two-month period, which translates into an amount that does not correspond to what is actually consumed, overall in businesses that have been closed due to the Covid-19 contingency.

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The director of Profeco Mérida metropolitan area, Sisely Burgos Cano, indicated that so far this year that agency has received 165 complaints against the Federal Electricity Commission for high charges on the electric energy rate, both for home consumers -room as in shops.

He reiterated that there are invoices made using consumption estimates because CFE personnel have also decreased their number of street operations due to the effects of the pandemic, which has led to the invoicing of this last two months, particularly in the trade sector, being carried out through consumption estimates, therefore, the annoyance because many stores have remained closed due to the contingency.

Ladrones se disfrazan de empleados de CFE y roban 164 mil pesos

He indicated that the complaints go in that direction, in charges that do not correspond to consumption, in which the main factor is that the reading is currently made by means of estimates and this yields an amount that does not correspond to that consumed in the home or business.

The federal official rejected that the electric energy tariff has been increased, they are the same ones updated by the energy authorities from long ago.

“Collection was made based on estimates, the CFE has personnel in confinement for the same effects as Covid-19, because they are workers considered to be in a vulnerable population,” he said.

Ladrones se disfrazan de empleados de CFE; se roban 164 mil pesos

Burgos Cano pointed out that people who consider that there are irregularities in their billing should go to the Profeco facilities where there is a CFE module for any complaint.

Source: sipse.com

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