There is already a threat to evict the inhabitants surrounding the new soccer stadium in Mazatlan


There are 15 families that have been settled for more than 10 years, and now face eviction


Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- Vulnerable families located in the surroundings of the new soccer stadium in Mazatlán, located to the north of the city, fear being evicted overnight, as the inauguration approaches of the footballing colossus, the owners of the land where their humble homes are located have notified them that they will not always be able to sell the land.

Karla, who is an inhabitant of the Montebello invasion, expressed that they have already told them several times that the owner is going to take them away because they are going to sell the land at a better price.


“The owner just says, I am going to take them out and the time he came he threatened that even with a machine he would take us away, but someone from the settlers said that he could not do anything because there were minors and while there were people living he could not do anything “he expressed.

The affected party stated that the owner of the properties maintains that they are not yet regularized, therefore, there is already a warning that they want to remove the inhabitants “and it is not fair, because they have lived in that place for more than eleven years, And just because now the stadium is going to be inaugurated, they want to take us away, “said the affected person.


For her part, Melesia Morgan Ortega, from the Lideres en Acción invasion, is also fearful, although she trusts that the owners will sell them the premises, however, they estimate that when the soccer stadium opens and more stores open, they will have to leave to convert it into a commercial area or parking lots.

Among the accentuations that are around the stadium, there are almost 15 families who have the uncertainty that one day they will sleep at home and the next day they will find their belongings on the street.


The Mazatlan Post