Non-essential businesses in Escuinapa to reopen Monday, May 25


Again, the group of merchants blocked the main streets of Escuinapa to demand the reopening of economic activity.

Escuinapa Sinaloa (May 23, 2020).- Again, non-essential business merchants blocked Escuinapa’s Miguel Hidalgo and Gabriel Leyva streets to demand authorities the reopening of their businesses, as they are experiencing a severe crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

On April 19, the dry law ended and the opening of alcohol outlets was announced, causing the dissatisfaction of non-essential business owners who have been closed for almost two months.

So they made the decision to demonstrate in front of the municipal palace, with the aim of being heard by their municipal authorities.

The mayor, Emmett Soto Graveles asked them to wait until June 1, date which contemplates the reactivation of the economy at federal level.

Escuinapa is located 92 kilometers (58 miles) southeast of Mazatlan (INEGI)

Upon receiving this response from the municipal authority, the merchants sought an approach with the governor of Sinaloa, Quirino Ordaz Coppel, to express his desperation for not being able to work by keeping their businesses closed and that the debts have grown.

Angélica Mireya Villa Mejia, a merchant from Escuinapa, stated that after that call they made direct contact with the undersecretary of Economy, with whom they have maintained direct contact and in response, they offered them a virtual training course, where they provided the corresponding information to resume the activity of their businesses.

However, state authorities did not provide an exact date for the reopening of their businesses, so they took the streets again.

After several hours of demonstrating once again, the merchants finally received a response via telephone from the state government, saying that they were authorized to open their businesses, next Monday, May 25, strictly applying the corresponding preventive measures.

Source: Debate

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