Crowded beer outlets have to be shut down in Culiacan


CULIACAN, SINALOA (May 19, 2020).- As soon as the beer outlets were reopened in the city of Culiacán, people just went crazy and the agglomeration of beer buyers caused the closure of three stores in the state capital.

Jorge Alan Urbina Vidales says that the suspension occurred because the sanitary security conditions for the operation of the establishments were not respected.

On the first day, the Dry Law was lifted in Sinaloa, the Culiacanenses went beserk, and so the State Commission for Protection against Sanitary Risks of Sinaloa had to close three beer outlets in the city, and local authorities received reports from other convenience stores that are also likely to have to be closed.

Commissioner Jorge Alan Urbina Vidales confirmed that his work team, in coordination with law enforcement, closed the beer outlet located on the corner of Nicolás Bravo Avenue and Emiliano Zapata Boulevard, and most likely, many others will have to be shut down, in order to control the population.

Source: OEM

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