Have you tried the Anti-Coronavirus Smoothie


El Guayabito, the home of the smoothies, is one of the businesses with the longest history and tradition in the flavor and quality of the best juices and smoothies in Mazatlán, who recommends the “flu” made with lemon, orange, pineapple, celery, honey, and guava, with plenty of vitamin “c” to combat the fashionable coronavirus.

Manuel, from the veteran workers, says that the tests are sent and that the house has 48 smoothies as a variety for all tastes, flavors and diets of children, youth and adults; here we consent to all, he affirms

Some names and smoothies are: muscle mass (to get like Popeye), influenza, cholesterol, triglycerides, fat burning, anemia, maniac, diabetes, raw 1 and raw 2, among many others, who are the delight of their customers and many unbelievers who get to know El Guayabito.

Manuel says that the “anti-flu” smoothie is made with fruits with a high alkaline content such as lemon, orange, grapefruit and guava, which help the immune system and consequently favor the human body against the coronavirus.

He said that in recent weeks the “anti-flu” smoothie has been widely ordered and we are located at 318 Rotarismo Avenue, and they can order their juices and smoothies at home on the phone 669-9828592.

He said that the elderly ask for the smoothies with alkaline fruits and vitamin “c” and the children ask for the choco milk and strawberry smoothies.

They have a second location Guayabitos 2 at ave munich 1200

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Source: sinaloaenlinea.com

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