Mazatlan Meteorological Service warns hurricanes to be more intense this year


* For the Pacific Ocean, around 18 phenomena are estimated
* The season started from May 15 to November

On May 15, the 2020 tropical cyclone season officially began in the Northeast Pacific Ocean basin.

Hugo Nordhal Valdés, in charge of the Mazatlán Meteorological Service, indicated that for this 2020 season, 15 to 18 systems are forecast in the Northeast Pacific.

“For the Pacific we have 15 to 18 named systems during the course of the season, although the name list does not represent the number of hurricanes,” he said.

This season is expected to be more intense than other years according to the analysis of the National Meteorological System.

“The forecast indicates that according to statistical studies, this year it is more active due to atmospheric situations that could influence the phenomenon of children causing more intense cyclones.”

Of the 18 systems with predicted names, there could be seven or eight tropical storms, four to five category 1 or 2 hurricanes, and four to five categories 3, 4, or 5. Nordhal Valdés urged the population to start taking early measures to prevention

“Invite people to take action and start buying non-perishable food; remind them that it is a forecast and you cannot know exactly how many will affect our coasts ”.


The Mazatlan Post