22 surfers arrested in Rosarito Baja California


Surfers arrested and jailed for violating social distancing while competing in a surf competition at K43.

VENTA-Terreno Km 43 Carretera Libre Rosarito-Ensenada | EasyBroker

With the support of the National Guard, Municipal Police officers arrested and presented to the qualifying judge on shift 22 people of whom four were placed in preventive cells, because they were located surfing in the area known as Cantiles Dorados, at kilometer 43 of the free road Rosarito-Ensenada.

The Holder of the Ministry of Citizen Security of Rosarito Beach, Francisco Javier Arellano Ortiz, commented that these people were arrested for failing to comply with the directions of municipal police officers.

The municipal official explained that all activities that are not essential are currently prohibited, as well as beaches throughout the municipality are closed, because of the pandemic that is lived.

“We want people to understand that we are not on vacation, that they cannot be performing these kinds of activities, so all people who do not abide by the indications will be presented to the qualifying judge on shift” he said.

The Police Command, pointed out that these actions will continue to be carried out, as they are only with the aim of preventing positive cases from continuing in the municipality and affecting more people.

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