26 Oaxaca municipalities decide not to reopen


Friday, May 15, 2020.  For the entrance to the new normality, the governments’ decisions contrast: in Oaxaca, 26 municipalities in the Ixtlán district decided not to resume activities next Monday until there is a certainty that the Covid outbreak- 19 is controlled. Instead, this coming Monday 28 companies from the textile and automotive branches of Aguascalientes will resume their activities, but they will only do so with between 20 and 30 percent of their workforce of almost 100,000 workers.

The plan ahead was the city of Monterrey, Nuevo León, which this Thursday allowed the reopening of business and public works. The Morelos pedestrian street was lit with shoe stores, restaurants, and open stores. Most have signs asking people to come in with face masks and use an antibacterial gel. Some installed sanitizing mats to clean customers’ shoes.

Mayor Adrián de la Garza Santos reported that public works would be reactivated in stages. However, the paving in the city’s first square was restarted Thursday morning.

I am not going to bear the responsibility for what happens if when the entire production scheme returns, an uncontrollable outbreak of contagions comes to us and there is a need for hospitalization that we cannot attend and that exceeds us, warned the governor of Puebla, Luis Miguel Barbosa Huerta, regarding the new normality announced by the federal government.

The Morena president maintained that if his government sees that in the next 15 days the contagion curve is flattened and the health crisis in Puebla is controlled, he will have an opinion in favor of entering the new normality; if not, it will be seen where the agreement came from.

The decision of 26 municipalities in Oaxaca not to return to normal on May 18 was made by the Liberal Union of Municipalities of the Sierra Norte de Oaxaca, to which they belong, informed the mayor of Ixtlán de Juárez, Luis Pacheco.

Ixtlán is a Zapotec municipality in the Sierra Norte located 66 kilometers from the state capital, where strict security measures are applied to enter its 3,000 inhabitants and is one of the 203 municipalities in Oaxaca that have not presented any cases of coronavirus,

They will verify sanitary measures

The Secretary of Economic Development of Aguascalientes, Manuel Alejandro González, said at a virtual press conference that everything is ready for 28 companies in the textile and automotive sectors to resume their activities on Monday.

These factories must have the approval of the State Health Secretariat that will certify that they are complying with all sanitary measures by issuing a document that will provide the guarantee for their operation.

Meanwhile, since Morelos ranks third nationally in terms of the incidence rate of Covid-19 cases, none of its 36 municipalities will be able to return to their activities in the first stage that begins on May 18. Marco Antonio Cantú, Secretary of State Health, invited the inhabitants of the entity to reinforce the sanitary measures to avoid infections, since the entity is just in the epidemic phase of promotion and it is a priority to reduce mobility .

Between 90 thousand and 100 thousand people have been affected in the tourist axis Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, and Bahía de Banderas, Nayarit, after losing their job, reducing their work time or their salary, said the leader of Coparmex in that region, Jorge Careaga Jiménez, based on statistics from Social Security itself.

In both municipalities, the predominant activity is tourism and is the first affected and the last to recover, said the businessman. In the area there are around 40 thousand hotel rooms and all of them have been vacant for a month and a half.

Source: jornada.com.mx

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