VIDEO: Bus drivers defy death in Culiacán Sinaloa


They were videotaped when they made police rounds on a soccer field

Culiacán, Sinaloa.- Flaunting what they know how to do best, two drivers of Culiacán’s urban transport were videotaped while making police maneuvers on a soccer field.

The action by itself is dangerous, but it increases the adrenaline when observing that in the roof and the hood of one of the trucks four young people travel who encourage the driver to print more speed and not be overtaken by the other drive unit, in total he defied death.

Also inside are more people, known as “chickpeas”, who do not stop screaming as the bus goes around a goal.

The video lasts 30 seconds and the dust clouds the place and the horns continue to sound before the amazement of those present, who in the distance looked surprised at the recklessness and lack of awareness of the drivers.

The units are on routes Lima-CU number 16 and Tierra Blanca-San Miguel number 5.


The Mazatlan Post