The business sector of Mazatlan supports the ‘Mayor’: they support the opening of restaurants on May 10


The National Chamber of Commerce in Mazatlán, Women Entrepreneurs of Canaco and Young Entrepreneurs of Canaco see viable an opening of 40 percent of diners with all possible vigilance from the municipal authorities

Mazatlán, Sinaloa .- Entrepreneurs of the National Chamber of Commerce, Services and Tourism in Mazatlán are in favor of the restaurant trade union being able to operate from May 9 to 11 with all the pertinent measures in the face of the Covid health emergency -19.

Especially, they said, on May 10, Mother’s Day.

This, after the mayor of Mazatlán, Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres, declared that he himself will check that the restaurants of the port do not exceed 40 percent of diners allowed during this weekend.

The mayor of Mazatlán, Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres, assured that he himself will check that the port’s restaurants do not exceed 40 percent of diners allowed during Mother’s Day.

In an interview, the mayor said that Mazatlán, as an autonomous municipality of the State Government, will allow food establishments to open on May 10, but only at 40 percent of their capacity.

Benítez Torres assured that to make sure that the agreement is fulfilled, he himself will visit the food establishments and if he does not abide by the recommendations, fines will be filed.

“We as Canaco see well the position of the municipal president of Mazatlán, where they say that restaurants are opened for sale to the public only with 40 percent of diners, but with all health protocols, and that they themselves would take responsibility to be supervising, and the president promised to be supervising all the restaurants in Mazatlán so that this measure is really complied with, “said Canaco president Jesús Sandoval Gaxiola.

“I think it is a very good position on the part of the mayor, that he is supporting the economy and that he is not affected any more than he already is; We are talking about restaurants, which is a turn that is not closed because it is considered necessary, and the one that is closed on those days because it will come to affect the business economy; I believe that if businesses take care of what is the healthy distance, hygiene measures, cleaning every time they change tables, it is a good measure, ”said the president of Women Entrepreneurs of Canaco, Francisca de los Ángeles Cázares Oliveros.

“To me personally what restaurants are, that turn of what is food and drink, what I am seeing is that they could open, but with all that is precautionary measures, sanitary measures, with the control of not have all your people; you cannot stop, simply what you can do is reduce what work is, you cannot stop it is essential, it is basic, ”said Lizeth Sánchez Corral, president of Young Entrepreneurs Canaco.

In a single line, they accepted that the municipal authority be in charge of monitoring the establishments over the next few days, since there has been an economic blow to this sector, and therefore, they saw that it would be a watershed to gradually reactivate the economy in this month.


The Mazatlan Post