American in Playa Cerritos BCS dies at hotel that was supposed to be closed


Why was an American at the hotel if it was prohibited?

The death of an American, allegedly by COVID19, revealed that a hotel in Playa Cerritos, in the municipality of La Paz, continued to operate and receive tourists, despite the prohibition by the authorities of Health to the operation of any business or “non-essential” company.

The visitor, named Jay “N”, was resting at the hotel in Playa Cerritos, located in the south of the capital, when in the middle of a party that took place early Monday morning, he began to feel unwell, which led to his transfer to La Paz to receive medical attention, unfortunately, passed away shortly after entering the hospital.

Close to Jay “N” they stated that this morning they were at a party offered by the Hotel in Cerritos, “we listened to music, in the light of the stars and the sound of the sea, we were having a good time” they said, however, death was around and it didn’t take long to collect a victim.

Despite the international health regulations for the COVID-19 virus pandemic, it was confirmed that the hotel located in Cerritos, Baja California Sur was operating outside the law when receiving guests from the United States.

This was confirmed by residents of San Pedrito, a community adjacent to Playa Cerritos, who stated: “This hotel is operating illegally, is receiving guests and holding gatherings on-site, for a long time, I believe that it has never closed. “

In an investigation by this medium, it was possible to corroborate that the property located within the Playa de Cerritos continues to operate under “total discretion”, evading the provisions of the Mexican government to suspend work on all types of non-essential activity.

The hotel located on Cerritos Beach, Baja California Sur, which “offers beach walks, kayak service or ATVs”, continues to receive guests of American origin, despite the fact that it has already been prohibited by law to provide lodging services. until the quarantine decreed by the Ministry of Health is lifted.

Until now it is unknown how many people were present at the party, only the death has been confirmed, allegedly because of COVID-19, by the American Jay “N”, who was spending a few days in Baja California Sur.


The Mazatlan Post