Extraordinary measures against coronavirus announced in Queretaro


Governor Francisco Dominguez Servién stated that the 12 measures will be observed and enforced by the health authority

The Querétaro government announced 12 extraordinary measures to mitigate the effects of COVID-19, including sanctions against those who neglect sanitary isolation or quarantine measures.

In a message to the public, Governor Francisco Dominguez Servién stated that the 12 measures will be observed and guaranteed by the health authority, with the support of Civil Protection and, if necessary, with the respective application of the law, to mitigate the effects of COVID -19 in the state.

  1. There will be sanctions for those who do not comply with sanitary, isolation or quarantine measures, knowing that they are infected.
  2. Greater penalties for those who discriminate or attack state health personnel.
  3. There will be greater sanctions for those who commit family violence.
  4. The use of a mask will be mandatory in public spaces.
  5.  Transit in a private vehicle must be made only by a maximum of two adults and minors who need to be cared for will be the exception when traveling with a family member.
  6. All drivers of public transportation or taxi services are obliged to wear face masks and other self-protection equipment, while in the taxi service, only the driver and a maximum of two passengers may go to the rear of the unit.
  7. The health authorities may carry out operations in the various points where there are crowds and the proper distance and the announced measures are not kept.
  8. Those responsible for private or public calls that contravene health regulations will be subject to the corresponding administrative law.
  9. Starting today, the state and municipal police will be able to use their powers to verify sanitary measures.
  10. Priority will be given to roads for emergency vehicles.
  11. Verification points will be installed at the entrances of the state: federal highway 57 and the bypass to San Luis Potosí.
  12. If a person is caught in a non-essential and unnecessary displacement, they will be summoned by the police and their actions will be recorded on a platform; if he recurs, he may be entitled to the maximum administrative penalties.

He recalled that 15 people have died in the entity and even two minors have been infected, a sector of the population that has fewer risk levels according to international medical practice.

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Source: notimex.gob.mx, televisa.news

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