Despite the quarantine, youth go out and drag race in Angostura Sinaloa


Angostura, Sinaloa.- If the culichis broke the quarantine on Thursday to go out in search of cake and pizza to celebrate Children’s Day, the citizens of Angostura were not far behind and this Saturday afternoon dozens of people gathered on the road that goes from the Palmitas syndicate to the highway, Benito Juárez to participate in car drag races.

Precisely in this town is where the first sanitary filter was installed to try to stop the arrival of the coronavirus in this municipality and now it is where young people from various communities gave a show of irresponsibility and inconsideration towards those who have made the effort to maintain that quarantine.

The practice of drag racing on vehicles and motorcycles in this place had not been recorded for several weeks, but this Saturday it returned with an additional risk of an accident, is that of getting COVID-19.

In a video of the event, it is shown that the arrival of police officers did not stop one of the races.

Coronavirus report as of May 2 on the panorama of Covid-19 in the state.

Panorama of the Covid-19 in Sinaloa (Ministry of Health)


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