Sinaloa Governor to end Alcohol ban


The government will analyze removing the ban in coming days

It will be evaluated whether other restrictions can be established, such as the hours of sale, said Governor Quirino Ordaz Coppel

In the next few days, the possibility of terminating the so-called “dry law” in Sinaloa would be analyzed to establish other types of restrictions, said Governor Quirino Ordaz Coppel.

In an interview in the First Issue of Línea Directa, the state leader said consciously that after implementing this measure, many people continue to buy alcoholic drinks clandestinely.

“We are going to evaluate the removal of the dry law and putting restrictions on, for example, schedules, we are watching and surely in the coming days we will convene the State Health Council to go seeing a way out of this issue,” he said.

The governor called on all Sinaloans to be responsible and not to hold gatherings or parties and to leave the house only for what is strictly necessary, especially since the weeks are approaching when a spike in infections is expected.

He noted that the sanitary filters will continue to function in the main cities, especially in Culiacán, which may be “uncomfortable” but in the end, they are “necessary”.


The Mazatlan Post